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Agape Valeur is a brand born out of motivation to value the ultimate creation of the creator : People. We are here to deliver knowledge and products that provide genuine possibility of true change in the way one encounters the world resulting in experiences and manifestation of positive desires with health, wealth & emotions elevating you and your business.

Who We Are

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‘Creating value’

The true reason for man to be created on earth is to VALUE. Value The Creation: the universe, the nature on earth, the creatures and above all human beings. It all comes down to value and to add value in this world; especially to the people and possibly mankind collectively. There is no bigger joy than serving or helping and there is certainly a reward that people tend to receive besides the ‘joy’; which may come from the individual or people served, else from some other medium. It surely comes, sooner or later. Someone truly said about a law ‘Give and it shall be given to you’. There are some laws made or discovered by man in the natural and others which are much higher than the natural understanding of man which are not set by a man. These laws are much powerful than the natural laws. Those who ‘know’ and oblige wisely by these laws so reap their benefits. Remember a law can be broken which will result in a consequence, but a law when followed always gives the promised result.

Agape Valeur is born with a motivation to add value to people and we believe certainly people will value us in return as we serve them with our creation whether through a service or products.


Most would have heard, if there is a hungry man who needs a fish, the expected solution would be to offer him a fish. But the better would be to tell him how to catch one so that he can catch / arrange for himself and possibly others later. Information or knowledge has always been, will always be, one of the most critical item one may possess. It’s more precious than gold, silver, diamonds, pearls or any other thing highly valued among men. It’s good to gain some or have some gold but it’s a completely different story when you ‘know’ how to have it. Everything that is limited or rare gains value. As in past and also in the present world, most are trying to run the so called ‘race’ using whatever means possible, most without even knowing why they are running. The common idea or reason among people has been to lead a better life so that later he/she or possibly the family can ‘enjoy’ freely someday. But is this the true reason? What if you had all the money or riches, the best health and all the time you wanted and you did all the things you wanted to do! Will you be happy then? Will you be satisfied then?

We at Agape Valeur through our short to read digital booklets called ‘Sefer’ (in hebrew meaning: a book, a scroll), which can be read in relatively short intervals; share ancient hidden priceless knowledge revealing eternal truths to answer such questions about life | money | health… Questions that truly ‘mean’ in life and aren’t just for philosophy; not to tickle the soul to feel good about it but also to show the truth, showing the possibility to truly experience it.

Stay tuned in for our first ‘Sefer’ to be launched soon. You may subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates for its launch.

Minimalist sleek jewelry

Everything is serving a purpose, whether edifying or not depends totally on the person utilizing the thing. The clothes you wear, the water you drink, the food you eat has a definite purpose. One can use the same item over and over in a manner or for a totally different purpose sometimes aware but mostly unaware of the true definite objective of the item that can truly edify the person. A good soft covering jacket provides warmth, comfort and protection in a cold winter night, and in the same cold night can be someone wearing a slim half-cut thin jacket which may provide ‘style’ in the minds of a ‘few’ people but may in turn lack the definite purpose of the jacket itself. Everything when serving its definite purpose is edifying and so must we choose to be, utilizing our time and things for their definite purpose.  Jewelry from the beginning was not only worn to adorn but also as a symbol of something, reminding those who saw: the meaning it symbolizes and the person it adorns. The symbol or meaning of the same jewel can be different for different people but the definite purpose of it being to adorn always remains. ‘To adorn’ is to complement, and so must a jewelry a woman. At Agape Valeur, besides the digital ‘Sefer’ we also offer physical hand finished elegant yet affordable minimalistic jewelry for the place which is most seen: face i.e. necklace and earring. We believe the ultimate reason for jewelry is to adorn something precious: Women. Jewelry should be seen but should not be ‘shown’. Thereby a light weight, skin friendly, sleek adornment designed with elegance, quality minimalistic jewelry truly adds value to a woman who believes in value. Our listings provide a premium look for everyday fashion made from scratch-resistant stainless steel with a coating providing an anti-tarnish surface and including silver ornaments of sterling silver S925.

For a basic understanding about care and usage of the jewelry please don’t miss to take a quick glance in our product care section.

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